Brand Foundation

Get the most out of your website redesign and marketing by building a rock-solid 4-part brand foundation.

1. Core Value – the non-negotiable aspect of your brand, and your point of differentiation & your competitive advantage.

2. Core Messaging – composed of your Why, What & How, this message guides all messaging for your company.

3. Brand Personality – the personification of your brand, the tone of voice, and the desired emotional connection we want.

4. Audience Mapping – using empathy, we map our target audiences’ pains, gains, desires, and wishes; identifying the best channels & vehicles to reach them.

Combined, the pieces help companies maximize their brand building and marketing investments because we know ourselves, our message, our personality, and our customers.

This ensures we will get the right message, to the right people, in the right place, at the right time to inspire them to act. Don’t leave it to chance.

If you’re looking to redesign your website or get more out of your marketing, The Propr Branding Workshop is a great first step to clarify your brand and build that foundation for the future.

If you’re interested in what it is all about, get in touch, we’d love to catch up & see how we can activate your brand.


Hey, it’s your boy, Bobby G from Propr Design. And I want to talk a little bit about why brand development leads to better outcomes company-wide, right? But let’s focus on web design and marketing first, right? So what’s brand development, brand development is establishing the foundation for what your brand is built on, right? Before this creative expression, like design and logos and identity and messaging, you have to put the foundation in place, right? So when the foundation is rock solid, you know, like building, you know, any structure, you’ll be able to build and grow on top of that foundation. So that’s why, you know, we always advise our clients to start with brand development and understanding what that foundation is made up of. So there are four pieces to that foundation, right? So number one is your core values, right? And this is, this is the nonnegotiable aspect of your brand of your business. Right? So your core values are the things that are inherently important to you and your company, that you should use as your point of competition, right? It helps you win with well established and, and practical core values, you’ll be able to evaluate, you know, who you want to work with the types of opportunities and ideal clients that you want to pursue. The same with talent, you know, who do you want to recruit? What kind of people are successful at your company? It all starts with core values. Number two, is your brand message, right? So your brand message is composed of three parts? Your why, right? why you do what you do. You know, for us, it’s about establishing brands with their core essence with a soul that we use that to, you know, get those great outcomes. And that’s what we’re talking about here. But you start with your why you know why you do it, you start with what you do. And then who, who you do it for right. So why you do it, what you do, and who you do it for and use that formula to create your core message. NET core message inspires all other messaging, this not necessarily our facing your taglines and slogans and things will change over time. But what that essence is that message should be consistent. Next, is your brand personality. So you know, what’s the personification of the brand? What are those traits and characteristics that the brand should convey? What’s the right tone of voice? Are you irreverent? Are you formal? Are you are you friendly? Or are you motherly, all those things, establish those things, and you’ll have those parameters around what’s appropriate in terms of design, what’s appropriate in terms of how you’re communicating with your target audiences. And the last piece is empathizing with your customer, emphasizing with your audience, right? Because it’s not always about transactions, you want to recruit people, you want to get attention from other folks, not necessarily people that are buying from you or hiring from you. So how do you do that? So you identify your core customers, your core, target audiences, and then identify their pain points how they measure success, what they’re trying to gain? Why do they need you? And what are the channels to reach the best channels to reach them? Right. So you have these four pieces in place, right? We know who we are, we know what matters to us. We know what our message is, we know our personality is we know who our audiences are. So that allows us to be really effective and confident with putting out any sort of effort, right, allows us to understand what’s best in terms of designing strategic tools like websites, that are going to be the hub of your marketing activity. Right, it allows us to get the most return on our marketing investment, by focusing our message at the right place, the right time, to the right people to inspire them to act. Okay. So, you know, it’s not necessarily an easy process. Certainly, you know, the way we facilitated, a lot of people describe it as corporate therapy. Because those, those pieces, the foundations already there, right, just not compose in a way that’s practical and tactical for your company. Right? So we want to go through what we call the proper branding workshop, to you know, clarify that information and then solidify, right and then activate your brand, unleash it on the market, and get you to know, great returns much better than you would see just jumping into implementation jumping into marketing, jumping into advertising job begins to build a website, right? So start with building a foundation. And once you have that foundation, you’ll be a lot more confident and effective. And all the efforts you’re doing from that point forward. Right? So if you need help doing that, that’s what we’re experts at. That’s what we love to do. And we do it for our clients all the time. So if you’re interested in learning more how that what the process and workshop look like, leave a note. Get in touch. We would love to help you know, make you guys our next success story. Take care.


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