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Dynamic Brand Guidelines

Empower your marketing with dynamic brand guidelines that will eliminate many of the problems associated with managing and growing a strong brand.

Brand Identity System

You don’t want a logo. You want a brand identity system. Watch to learn more.

PSA - Stop Cold Emailing

PSA to all sales, outreach, and business development people.

I Wrote a Book

I wrote a book about branding that has nothing to do with design.

Build Your Brand Book

Marketing friends, do you wish there was a better way?

Mostly Remote

Deciding whether to stay Remote or Return to the Office? The choice is easy when you consider how it impacts the reputation you want to have for your brand.

The Sun

Building and marketing your brand is an infinite game played with finite resources. As I'm relaxing on the beach all week, I realize the sun is the perfect metaphor for this.

Don't Be For Everyone

I've been told people either like me, or they don't. This is great because those who don't like me typically leave me alone, and the opposite is true for those who get me. This is the benefit of being yourself. And think about how this can apply to your business.

Don't Fear the Recession

By the way, are we in a recession? You know, who knows, but you know, marketing friends with these goals to help you direct your efforts.


Shout out to those that are kind, those that give more than they take, you know true happiness. This world needs more of you.

Spotify Has No Values

Your brand is your reputation, make sure the reputation you have is the one you want and deserve.

Tis the Worst Season

Prepare thyself; the worst in marketing and advertising is upon us.

People Focused

Is your brand people-focused or product-focused?

Single Pizza

You ever felt like you're in meetings and there are just too many people involved, or you just can't get to a conclusion? Here are two things we do to make sure that we get the most out of our meetings and best use our people and clients' times.

Brand Personality

A common condition our clients experience is brand confusion. But they don't have to.

What do you really give a shit about?

Why? What pisses you off? Seriously, what's the story? These stories are the best way to make your brand stand out and attract the right people to it. Meanwhile, you'll repel the wrong people. That's how your market a brand to the right people and make real connections.

Everything is Marketing

In other words, everything you say, do, create, et cetera sends a message, that message is marketing. But the connection and feeling those things create, that's branding.

No Competition

Think about it, when you and your brand are your genuine and authentic self, you have no competition because no one can compete with you on being you.

Lead with Authenticity

Lead with authenticity to be happier and make more meaningful relationships in all aspects of life. Fronting or pushing a false narrative is silly, just keep it real and be yourself.

Core Message Formula

Struggling with the core messaging of your brand? This video is for you.

3 LinkedIn Tips

Who wants to be more successful in making more meaningful connections on LinkedIn (and in life)?

Keep it Real

Are you striving or struggling to have clarity into what your brand honestly and authentically is? The Propr Brand Clarity Workshop can help empower you and your organization to be better by confidently clarifying who you indeed are as a brand. To sustain and grow your brand, this clarity matters.

Your Rep is your Brand

Your brand isn't a logo or a bunch of products or services. While these are part of it, your brand is your reputation.

Good CEO's

Sharing my opinion about building a strong and sustainable brand through good leadership and vision, and the role of the CEO and I'd love to know what you think.


Is your company's messaging off, or does it not tell the right story? You are not alone.


Release yourself from the burden of striving for perfection.

Bridge the Gap

Do you know what branding really is?

Brand Foundation

Get the most out of your website redesign and marketing by building a rock-solid 4-part brand foundation.

March 1st = Get Excited

It is March 1st! Let's get excited about that.


Let's talk about positioning your business to NOT be a commodity.

January Propr Video

As leaders, we understand evaluating & hiring the right agency for your business is a critical decision.

Messaging Rant

When the pandemic hit in 2020, we all cringed at companies who didn't update their messaging and came across as tone-deaf or heartless.

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