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Your brand is your reputation. It is the collective result of your story, your logo, your message, your products, your culture, your employees’ behavior, and your campaigns. Everyone in your company helps or hurts your brand, and every customer has a different opinion of your brand.

Do you have a clear picture of the current state of your brand?

Propr’s Brand Audit Worksheet is designed to help you understand where your brand is now versus where it needs to be by reviewing your:

  • brand’s core values,
  • brand messaging,
  • brand personality, and
  • brand icons.
Download a Free Brand Audit Worksheet by Propr Branding Agency

Propr Results

The brand audit will diagnose four potential conditions:

  1. G2G (good to go): Your brand is rock solid, and you’re crushing it.
  2. Brand Expansion: After some tweaks, you’re ready to shoot for the moon.
  3. Brand Refresh: Your brand is a bit stale, and sales are stagnant.
  4. Rebrand: Time to nuke it.
Download a Free Brand Audit Worksheet by Propr Branding Agency

You’ve Got This

Brands are living, evolving things, and change can be beneficial. Whatever the case may be for your brand, fret not. Propr helps brands in all states, from good to bad, and stages of the corporate life-cycle evaluate your situation, clarify messaging, align culture, unify teams, and grow revenue.

Download Propr's Free Brand Audit Worksheet