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We’ve had the best months of total consumption based on product sales in both digital/ website and retail stores during our engagement with Propr. A big reason behind that is the quality of our content and focused brand messaging. As our A/B testing has shown, the clarity of our message and website landing pages for marketing content has driven and improved our conversion rates, increasing profits substantially.

Josh Bruni Headshot
Josh Bruni
Chief Strategy Officer, Upspring

Step 1 - Growth Marketing Planning

We’ve discussed and planned for your long-term marketing during Brand Activation; now, we collaborate to hit the ground running. Marketing is an infinite game played with finite resources; during this step, we’ll collaborate and plan to ensure you maximize your resource usage while setting the stage for significant impact.

Your Step 1 Activities

  • Your 30/60/90 day growth marketing plan
  • Content calendar & scheule
  • Your additional asset needs backlog
  • Goals, key metrics, and KPIs
  • Timeline, schedule, and budget for marketing and ad spend

Step 2 - Resource Management

Managing growth resources commonly are a common challenge for scaling brands. We’ll collaborate to map out your content calendar and all the needs and risks associated with content creation during this stage. We’ll prepare a customized DIY marketing punch list to ensure you are maximizing all-new content launches and digital engagement. We’ll help map out roles and responsibilities so all team members know their lane and how they contribute to the growth of your brand. Lastly, we’ll identify the gaps in talent, expertise, and specializations necessary to effectively scale your brand and support you in finding the right talent.

Your Step 2 Activities

  • Content creation & management
  • Website enhancements
  • Content publishing punch list
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Identify outsourced needs & contractors


Step 3 - Team Building

Having the right people in the right seat is a critical part of your growth equation. Whether you need new team members, a strategic consultant, or a specialty freelancer or contractor, we want to bring the correct folks to the team like a professional sports team on draft day. We’ll want to identify and bring on the right people based on needs, budget, and timeline to maximize results. If the time is right to hire, let’s identify your unique needs, and we will consult on who to hire, participate in the interviewing process, and support you with coaching and training as needed during Enablement.

Your Step 3 Activities

  • Needs assessment
  • Gap analysis
  • Process building
  • Talent outreach & evaluation
  • Hiring

Step 4 - Pushing Buttons & Pulling Levers

Let’s hit the ground running. Here’s where your commitment to growth pays off. Your brand foundation is solid, your vision and strategy are clear, your assets are polished, and in place, your content and marketing are on the ready, your processes are poised for action, and you have the right people in the right place to strike fast. Let’s take action. But it doesn’t stop with action; we continue to watch and learn, assessing, evaluating, prioritizing, and improving every step of the way. This nimble and agile approach focuses on constant improvement, with and each iteration and effort is optimized then cycled through the assessment and improvement flywheel.

Your Step 4 Activities

  • Launch
  • Assess
  • Evaluate
  • Learn
  • Improve
  • Launch
  • Rinse & repeat

Step 4 - The Handoff

You have the momentum, made great strides, your efforts are paying off; now what? Now is when we believe the Propr Team has fully delivered on our value and promise, and you no longer need us. This state of empowerment and readiness is the peak of our service. But we aren’t throwing you to the wolves. The Handoff can be instant or progressive, whichever is best for you and your brand. But we have your back either way and through our significant results and great collective efforts, we have an excellent relationship. You won’t hesitate to reach out for an answer to a question, a reminder on how to do something, or to get the band back together for new and bigger adventures in Brand Clarity, Activation, and Enablement.

Your Step 5 Activities

  • Final assets delivery
  • Return of any of your IP
  • Removal of the Prop team from your admins and accounts
  • You give us feedback and a review, which we’ll turn into our next case study
  • A fond farewell

With Propr on our team, we’ve seen our sales cycle reduced from 12 months to a few weeks, greatly increasing revenue.

Todd Jones
Todd Jones
Managing Director, Data Platform & Solutions, Envestnet, Inc

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