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Propr Design has a thorough understanding of our brand positioning, and they’ve been able to translate that into the results they’ve delivered. Since we launched our new website design, we’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from our users. They particularly appreciate its warm and welcoming look, which says a lot about our people-oriented organization.

Additionally, our new editorial style guide has helped us make smarter decisions that help bring forward a stronger brand message among our clients. In fact, our improved branding and newly launched website have helped one of our advisors secure a $2.4 million contract with a client.

Brand Clarity
Sarah Cunningham
Director of Marketing, Greenspring Advisors

Step 1 : Your Core Brand Values

Consumers want to engage with brands they relate to since no one relates to your products, services, and features; they seek to connect to your values and purpose. Before you commit time and resources to a new website design, start here. The First step in your brand clarity journey is to clarify and define your authentic core values and contextualize them in practical and actionable ways. Your leaders and teams will become empowered and break down silos. Your result will consist of a clearer understanding of what matters most to your company and leverage that in strategic messaging and positioning to improve your marketing and lay the first part of a solid brand foundation.

Step 2 : Your Brand Messaging

Since you are committed to communicating, competing, and connecting through your values, next, we focus on composing core messaging that will become the foundation for all unique communications coming from the brand. The core messaging is composed of:

WHY – Why you are passionate about what you do and what fulfills you and your teams as a company.

WHO – Who your target audiences are and what they care about, from the decision-maker to champion, and our products and services user.

WHAT – What you do, how you are different, and ultimately what makes you better.


Step 3 : Your Brand Personality & Tone

Without clear parameters, the potential solutions and options for word and image for your brand are infinitesimal. This is common where ego and opinion direct your design and content, which isn’t ideal.

Together we will define your brand personality and tone of voice to unlock innovation in marketing to ensure a consistent harmony of word and image across all touchpoints and campaigns.

Step 4 : Empathy Mapping & Market Research

Marketing is an infinite game played with finite resources. Let’s commit to making the most significant impact with your available resources. Together we will map out your target audiences and customers to better understand: trends, signals, influences, thoughts, feelings, pains, and gains to identify market opportunities and the best channels, vehicles, and messages to make better connections and inspire actions.

Step 5 : Assessment & Strategic Roadmap

We can confidently ask and answer the critically important question, “what is best for our brand and future customers?” Now we are empowered to evaluate and assess current assets, your website, identity needs, and gaps to effectively make consistent and appropriate decisions around all critical facets of the brand. Here, we collaborate to define website design and development requirements, priorities, timelines, and budgets to accurately build the most robust possible foundation for sustainable, scalable, and predictable growth.

Since working with Propr, I’ve been able to articulate what my company does, which was my primary goal. Now my company has a clearly defined mission, values, and a visual brand that tells the right story.

Sheryl Goldstein
Founder, Pluck

Client Success Stories

We know relationships are the results of delivering value. These clients, and many others, have experienced the empowering results from the Propr Brand Clarity Workshop, and we'd love to bring similar impact and results to you and your brand. For example, we helped WebbMason Analytics double revenue because of a more precise value proposition and messaging, helping reduce sales cycles from many months to a few weeks. They also hit their 3-year revenue goals, recruitment, and company acquisition 6-months after their Workshop. Check out the stories below, and be sure to get in touch if you're ready to scale your brand similarly through the power of the Workshop.

Here are Your Expected Outcomes

Easier decision-making. When you understand your values and purpose, your leaders and teams will all be on the same page, ensuring that critical decision-making is easier, more consistent, and faster.

A roadmap to growth. Your Strategic Roadmap will help you prioritize your efforts to focus your budget and resources on what will move the needle fast. You’ll free up time for more significant initiatives, like your new website, identity, and marketing materials, to get the attention they deserve.

Higher ROI. The Workshop will move the needle for you and your brand, even without committing to Brand Activation. Having the power to concisely say who you are and what you do for your customers helps your customers see that you understand them and can help, making sales and business development empowered and ready to close more opportunities.

Better sleep. Many of our clients see an almost instant return on their investment at the end of this phase. Typically peace of mind around new messaging, personnel, culture, courage, and establishing a vision based on clarity for marketing and growth.

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