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Not only did Propr Design’s work improve our business websites through strategic design and messaging, but it also resulted in improved lead generation. Their project management was well-thought-out from beginning to end, and they communicated openly. The team’s process and leadership skills made for a successful engagement.

Lara Waldron
Director of Marketing, CR of Maryland

Step 1 - Asset Assembly

Consistency in word and image across all brand touchpoints is the crucial next step in Brand Activation. Asset Assembly includes refreshing and expanding current brand identity systems, including typography, color palettes, word and image style guides, as well as creating a comprehensive list of required vehicles for the primary channels for engaging customers.  

Your Step 1 Deliverables

  • Brand word and image style guides
  • Brand identity standards
  • New identity files in all relevant formats
  • Social media brand assets
  • Additional assets needs & priorities

Step 2 - Marketing Hub Optimization

A brand’s website is the hub of all marketing activity. We start here to ensure the most critical part of your brand activation tells the right story, segments core audiences quickly and effortlessly, features low friction strategic points of conversion, integrates with your technology, is accessible and user friendly both internally and externally, and is built to scale with your growing brand.

Your Step 2 Deliverables

  • Custom WordPress website
  • Custom social media banners, avatars, and graphics to keep your brand consistent
  • Graphics & digital assets


Step 3 - Tactical Tools & Templates

Making meaningful connections starts with authentic connections that build rapport and trust. T3 focuses on empowering current and future marketing teams with the tools and templates they need to be self-sufficient without relying on complex systems to handle day-to-day initiatives. We’ll identify and create a system of social media, content, email, blog, video, podcast, etc. guidelines and design templates to empower teams with the right tools and health confidence to do their thing.

Your Step 3 Deliverables

  • Secure any new channels identified
  • Brand social media channels
  • Email templates and assets
  • Brand design system assets
  • Marketing templates
  • Digital templates for internal use
  • Messaging guide

Step 4 - Imperfect Action

What does success look like and what does failure look like? With this identified, we take strategic imperfect action to test, evaluate, learn, discuss, and improve through ongoing growth marketing. This interactive, integrated, and imperfect approach helps brands move fast, improve, and confidently accelerate growth without getting bogged down with the pursuit of perfection and focusing on what matters most—results.

Propr Design was instrumental in helping the business better define and tell its story. The team’s organization and inquisitive nature pushed the internal team to think differently about their relationship with their clients. Their adaptability and methodical approach were also noteworthy.

Denis O'Donovan
President, ProfitComm

Client Successes

Like you, these bold brands were successful but knew there was more to be done to continue to scale without losing their soul. We'd love to have you join the ranks of success stories like our friends here.

Here are Your Expected Outcomes

Increase in the right traffic to your website. Getting the right people to your website is the first milestone, inspiring them to explore and take action is the second. Brand Activation is designed to do both and the result will be a steady pipeline of ideal customers for your business development team to convert into paying customers.

Optimized for the present, with a vision for the future. Your website and brand assets should be ready to scale with your brand. While we can’t predict the future, we will take steps and discuss what the future may be so you can be prepared to expand and grow your core brand assets, without having to tear down and rebuild. This ensures your initial investment goes further, your marketing and growth leadership are fully empowered and you’ll see an increasingly larger ROI.

Empowerment & self-sufficiency. We are ultimately successful when you no longer need us to help scale your brand. You’ll have the tools, assets, training, and confidence to run with it. You can continue to hire to build your in-house team or work with another agency that’s better at pushing the buttons and pulling the levers we’ve held optimize together. We can help you vet and choose an agency, and identify the right roles and personnel for your team.

Traction. The energy built up through our Workshop and Activation Framework will give you and your brand incredible momentum to accelerate your growth, we’ll help you unleash that energy and realize your brand’s potential.

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