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Over 90% of small businesses that miss their revenue targets fall short because their marketing sucks.

That means your sales will always suffer until you create a marketing strategy that actually works.

The frustrating part is it FEELS like you’re doing marketing, but what you’re really doing is just “stuff.” I solve this problem with a four-phased process broken down into bite-sized chunks that allow you to continue running your business while we build a machine that produces reliable and repeatable results.

The truth is doing more marketing isn’t the answer. The answer is executing a complete marketing strategy that develops systems and processes that truly perform. This is exactly what my approach delivers.

Bobby Gillespie, Senior Advisor, Propr

Everything You Need for Real Growth

  1. What We Will Do Together?
  2. How Will We Do It?
  3. Why Does It Work?
  4. How Much Does it Cost?

Bobby Gillespie, Propr founder and Senior Advisor/ Fractional Chief Growth Officer.

What We Will Do Together?

 We typically focus on four primary goals to help you grow, profit, scale, and manage risk:

  1. Growth is almost always about increasing new revenue, so we’ll implement ways to drive new client acquisition and sales.
  2. Profitability typically revolves around improving your margins, so we’ll take a hard look at controlling marketing costs and expenses for the highest return on investment.
  3. Scalability requires efficiency, so we’ll assemble systems and processes that lead to repeatable results and reliable expansion.
  4. Risk Management equates to portfolio protection, so we will constantly improve lifetime value (LTV) for higher customer retention and spending.

How Will We Do It?

We guide our clients through a codified and sequential process in four phases that specifically address the root cause of your problems so you can achieve actual results:

Phase I: Foundation

Phase 1 is all about preparation. Here, we’re doing assessments, building your brand foundation, and all the planning required to prepare for marketing execution.

Phase 2: Implementation

Let’s take action. Now, we roll up our sleeves and start implementing the Prioritized Growth Initiatives while tracking and monitoring your progress with Dashboard Assessments and ensuring our engagement produces a strong ROI for you during our performance review.

Phase 3: Optimization

This is where we refine our strategies for optimal results, including Gap Analysis, Prioritized Optimization Initiatives implementation, and performance testing and reviews. 

Phase 4: Maximization

At this point, we push into expansion by redefining your vision, mission, goals, objectives, and tactics and creating your “Maximation Plan” to continue driving scalable results. We agree on the most impactful actions and start implementing the Prioritized Maximization Initiatives, which will be assessed during an Engagement Performance Review to compare the results of when we started versus what we’ve achieved. This will lead to a discussion about how we will continue working together.

Are you more interested in projects consisting of our creative agency services, such as brand strategy, branding design, messaging systems, or custom WordPress websites? Check out our Creative Services. These services are also available to Advisory clients but are scoped and billed separately. 

Why Does It Work?

On the surface, there are many choices in my line of work. While most offer some marketing tactics or tools, such as SEO or social media advertising, I focus on developing complete marketing strategies that consider all alternatives to formulate a plan that drives actual results. We’re not talking about just marketing strategy; this approach unifies marketing, business development, and sales to build a growth machine for your company. Here are the four main distinguishing factors that set us apart:

  1. First, our method is Holistic. We look at the whole picture instead of isolated marketing assets or activities.
  2. The next factor is Intentionality. We focus on growth strategies that attract the highest profitability customers so you will always get the highest return on your investment.
  3. Our favorite is Simplicity. We concentrate on systems and processes that are simple and easy to replicate.
  4. Finally, our approach is Quality-Oriented. Too many professionals in our lane will promise results in numbers with high investments, gimmicks, and hacks, whereas we focus on strengthening connections, partnerships, relationships, and experiences to maximize total lifetime value.

How Much Does it Cost?

Our pricing is built on a monthly performance revenue model with three factors determining your cost. Ultimately, we have a lot of flexibility in how we can work together and want to ensure that the engagement is a partnership that delivers reciprocal value at all times.

Our Base: All engagements have a FIXED monthly cost for all resources required to properly complete the agreed-upon scope of work toward clearly defined goals and objectives.

Our pricing is built on a phased model and backed by performance. Most engagements start around $2 to $4K and often evolve to $8 to $12K monthly, depending on where you want to take your company.

We never raise our prices unless our performance makes you much more money than we cost.

Rev Share: The structure of our agreement can include variable monthly costs based on the performance achieved regarding agreed-upon metrics – likely revenue, profit, or client acquisitions.

Length of Agreement: All engagements range from 6 to 36 months, averaging 18 months. The commitment can significantly change the base price and performance revenue share.

Ultimately, we have a lot of flexibility in how we can work together and want to ensure that the engagement is a partnership that delivers reciprocal value at all times. 

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