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We know the value of integrating brand strategy with design and marketing. Our team is passionate about busting their ass to make a difference for our partners. We are smart, sometimes irreverent, and we never take ourselves too seriously. We don’t just make pretty websites and good-looking brands, we help our clients position, message, design, build, and scale their growing B2B brands.

Delivering unmatched results to businesses across the nation

Designed for Results

“It’s all about results” is our mantra, and this allows us to satiate our ravenously curious nature. We want to learn everything about you, your business, industry, and audience. Our approach focuses on fixing the cause of your problem, not the symptoms. And our process helps our clients be better leaders and more confidently prepared for the growth and results we deliver.

Bobby G

“I founded Propr to be a better strategic agency focused on bringing measurable results to our clients. Dedication to our people and our clients’ best interests makes us a better choice. Our process and results make us the best choice.”

Not only did Propr’s work improve the business’ websites, but it also resulted in improved lead generation. Their project management was well-thought-out from beginning to end, and they communicated openly. The team’s process and leadership skills made for a successful engagement.

Lara Waldron
Director of Marketing, CR of Maryland

Since working with Propr, I’ve been able to articulate what my company does, which was my primary goal. Now my company has a clearly defined mission and values.

Sheryl Goldstein
Founder, Pluck

Propr produced deliverables that satisfied requirements and stakeholder expectations. The team effectively executed the engagement, communicating clearly, and delivering timely results. By understanding the client’s goals, the team successfully supported their achievement.

Todd Bauer
Owner, Optimal Health Alliance

The company has seen improved sales results during its work with Propr. The team has provided them with a clearer and more focused branding voice and messaging. They’ve also been flexible in managing the project’s evolving scope of work, resulting in more successful sales and revenue.

Josh Bruni
Chief Strategy Officer, Upspring

Their excitement and enthusiasm are pretty infectious. I think that speaks volumes about their commitment.

Rush Baker IV
President and CEO, Baker Strategy Group

Propr was instrumental in helping the business better define and tell its story. The team’s organization and inquisitive nature pushed the internal team to think differently about their client relationship. Their adaptability and methodical approach were also noteworthy.

Denis O'Donovan
President, ProfitComm

What We Do Uncommonly Well

Our process always starts at the beginning, with your brand strategy. We help our clients define, refine, polish, and develop clear and concise brand strategies that blur the line between business systems and improve culture, recruiting, employee engagement, marketing, advertising, business development, and sales. We work with consumer brands, B2B, and B2C businesses to help transform their business assets like messaging and website into powerful tools of differentiation, engagement, and sustainable success.

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Why Choose Propr

Propr Design was founded in 2014 by Bob Gillespie, award-winning creative director and brand strategist. Reared on the streets of Philly, schooled in the universities of the mid-Atlantic, and seasoned in the board rooms of agencies and businesses alike, Bobby G created Propr, an agency built on a gritty work ethic and innovative ideas that deliver unmatched results.

Awards for Propr

  • Expertise Award - Best Digital Marketing Firms in Baltimore
  • Clutch Award - Top B2B Firms in Maryland
  • Clutch Award - Top Marketing Firms in Maryland
  • Web Excellence Award - Commercial Real Estate
  • Web Excellence Award - Financial Services
  • Clutch Badge Top Branding Agency 2020
  • Best Branding Agency Baltimore 2020 Expertise Badge
  • Best Digital Marketing Agency Baltimore 2020 Expertise Badge
  • Regional Gold ADDY Badge
  • District Gold ADDY Banner
  • Best Branding Agency Baltimore 2019 Expertise Badge
  • Top Marketing Agency Baltimore 2019 Clutch Badge
  • Top SEOs Best in Search SEO Badge
  • DesignRush Top Branding Agency

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